Putting Queue Theory to Work on Lines

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Putting Queue Theory to Work on Lines

Lines…we can probably agree that they’ll always be with us.

Retail is Using Queue Theory to Manage Lines

Businesses are putting queue theory (a mathematical process developed over 100 years ago) to work to make the line wait process both fasterand more tolerable for their customers.  In addition, effective line management can enhance a retailer’s bottom line, too!

There’s nothing worse than a customer, irritated with either the time or process, leaving a line, abandoning their purchase.  All the marketing dollars spent bring the customer into the store plus the time, energy and money spent to make the shopping experience as good as possible…lost! That’s backlash and reneging in retail-speak.

Customers Exiting Lines is More than an Immediate Loss of Business

Perry Kulkin, in a customer experience blog, notes 38% of customers wouln’t return to a store with long or badly managed lines and 81% of dissatisfied shoppers will tell others about an unpleasant checkout line experience.

That’s where automated line management systems help: both in expediting customers through the checkout process and reducing the perceived wait time through technology such as digital signage.

Effective line management also provides for increased sales volume with end-of-the line impulse purchases.  In-line merchandising has been said to “take the line out of waiting” with the ability to continue shopping while being processed through the checkout experience. When coupled with  call-forward electronic queuing (or automated line management), in-line merchandising rewards the retailer with up to a 400% increase in impulse sales, according to Kulkin.

Digital Signage Brings Automated Line Management System Closer to the Customer

Line queueing systems provide a great opportunity to incorporate digital technology. Digital signage easily transitions from reminding the regular shopper about Monday’s sale to suggesting Friday’s wine tasting to the drop-in customer. Different messages, different profiles, different times of da. A comprehensive line management system provides .

CPS offers QuikLine — an automated line management system geared towards enhancing the customer experience and the retailer’s bottom line. Let’s talk about how your checkout process can be more than the end of the line!


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