Directional Signage: A Retail Compass for Customers

Directional Signage: A Retail Compass for Customers

QuikLine Directional Signage

Customers want to know the best way forward.

Remember reading “choose your own adventure” novels during childhood? These books opened young minds to possibilities and potentials. They fed our imaginations while helping us realize how our actions and decisions impact our outcomes.

As adults, however, the “choose your own adventure” model can be overwhelming in real life scenarios. We want to know the best way forward. Just like we rely on GPS to give us the most efficient traffic route possible, we seek directional assistance in many areas of life.

When it comes to the world of shopping and retail, customers make their own purchase decisions, but retailers should guide the rest of their in-store experience in some way. There shouldn’t be a confusion over “which path” to take when it comes to what cashier registers are open or where they can walk within the store.

This is the power of wayfinding and directional signage.

Directional signage is a broad area. Everything from street and traffic signs, to “Enter” and “Exit” signs on doors, to floor decals showing where customers can stand during COVID-19 physical distancing, is considered directional signage. If there’s a behavior or pathway a customer needs to follow, directional signage can ensure cooperation, safety and less confusion.

But are you using outdated forms of directional signage? We now live in a world where customers are innovative, tech-forward and quick with their decisions. It’s the digital era!  

We love our QuikLine product because it integrates modern technology that’s more aligned with customer expectations and behavior. Retailers use QuikLine as a queue management solution to optimize the checkout process. For example, at grocery stores, QuikLine’s overhead displays indicate when the next customer can come forward to check out, then directs them to the next available cash register. In essence, this is directional signage. We’re helping customers understand when to stand in line, when to leave the line, and where they can go to complete their purchase.

Directional signage is audible, too!

QuikLine is more than meets the eye. While the displays offer striking visuals to capture attention, they also use audio directions. This assists customers who are visually impaired, texting, or otherwise distracted. Additionally, QuikLine is customizable, so retailers can incorporate any messaging they deem necessary. The system’s overhead displays can relay any specific in-store directions customers need to be aware of. Rather than racking up costs for new signage every time customers need new directions, retailers can simply input the updated messaging on QuikLine and voila – you’re good to go!

Learn more about the benefits QuikLine offers retailers in this video:

Are you guiding your customers on their best path forward rather than letting them fumble through their own adventure? In the end, they’ll appreciate the time you save them more than anything else! With QuikLine, we’re reducing real and perceived wait times while delivering directional assistance, all while aligning with the technology expectations customers have today.