QuikLine Helps Retailers Curb Coronavirus with Line Queue Management

Curbing Coronavirus with Line Queue Management

Automated line management systems help keep checkout lines safe and organized during COVID-19

QuikLine Queue Management System - What People Think Waiting in Line

Penny for Your Thoughts: What People Think Waiting in Line

Whenever we found ourselves waiting in lines recently, we politely turned to the person next to us and asked “Penny for your thoughts?” And their thoughts are so varied!

QuikLine Directional Signage

Directional Signage: A Retail Compass for Customers

Directional signage, retail GPS, uses modern technology to help customers navigate the best path forward instead of fumbling through their experience.

QuikLine Queue Management

Retail Checkout Foes: Balking, Jockeying & Reneging, Oh My!

The QuikLine Queue Management System helps minimize challenges customers face while moving through a retail checkout line, a retailer’s yellow brick road.

QuikLine Reduces Actual and Perceived Wait Times

What Matters Most? Real vs. Perceived Wait Times at Checkout

Navigating retail checkout lines is like choosing the right freeway lane! It’s not just the actual wait that frustrates customers, but their perceived wait times!

QuikLine Automated Line Management

Race to the Finish: What Kind of Line Really Saves Time?

Research suggested for years that a single line to numerous resisters was preferred. But taking behavior into account, a parallel line could be faster!

CPS QuikLine Automated Line Management

The Willingness to Wait: Practical Ways to Enjoy Life’s Pauses

The QuikLine queue management solution reduces wait times, but sometimes you still find yourself waiting. Here’s some ways to pass time while in line!

CPS QuikLine

Retailers: Get Customer-Centric with Queue Management

How can retailers address the question “How do I better serve my customers?” It’s not easy to keep pace with the changing ways people connect with brands!

CPS QuikLine

Queue Management Technology Improves Waiting in Line

Waiting in line drives most people CRAZY! Automated queuing systems can help make both the actual and perceived waits feel, well, not as bad.

CPS QuikLine

Line Management, Jockeying and Happier Customers

Is there a way to improve the retail customer experience even when there are lines? Serpentine lines eliminate jockeying and promote social fairness.