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Curbing Coronavirus with Line Queue Management

Automated line management systems help keep checkout lines safe and organized during COVID-19

Retailers: Get Customer-Centric with Queue Management

. Customer-centric suggests putting a focus on the customer experience. It’s not easy for retailers to keep pace with the changing ways people want to shop for products and connect with brands. Consumers expect an enhanced shopping experience.  How can retailers address the question:  How do I better serve my customers? Implementing an automated line management…
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Queue Management Technology Improves Waiting in Line

Waiting in Line Drives Most People Crazy! Gretchen Rubin, writing in Psychology Today, teIls us, “I’m a very impatient person. Waiting in a slow moving line is one of those very small, maddening aspects of life that drives me crazy. ” Most of us can relate to that thought! She adds, “However, when I learned…
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Line Management, Jockeying and Happier Customers

Making Customers Happy Even When There are Lines Nothing scares retail customers more than seeing a long line at checkout. No one likes waiting — without knowing that there’s an end in sight. Is there a way to improve the retail customer experience — even with lines? There’s a Science Called Queue Theory Richard Larson,…
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Putting Queue Theory to Work on Lines

Lines…we can probably agree that they’ll always be with us. Retail is Using Queue Theory to Manage Lines Businesses are putting queue theory (a mathematical process developed over 100 years ago) to work to make the line wait process both faster — and more tolerable for their customers.  In addition, effective line management can enhance a retailer’s…
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Line Management: Going Beyond Wait Time

Lines Are an Issue for Both the Consumer and Business None of us likes waiting in line — whether at the DMV, the market, amusement park or sporting event.  News venues and social media are only too happy to publicize long wait times. That negative is in addition to lost profits when the customer balks…
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Using Design to Maximize Retail Store Experiences & Sales

You’re probably like us — a reader. Blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, you name it — working to keep on top of technology and trends so CPS’ automated line management software and services meet today’s business objectives and maximize our client’s customer’s experience.   Forget B-School, D-School is Hot! One aspect of technology that doesn’t always get talked about…
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Keeping Customers Happy — Even When There Are Lines

All of us can probably agree: lines tend to make us grumpy!  And, lines are everywhere: retail stores, schools, airports, restaurants, government agencies. There are solutions to better expedite customers through lines Businesses take lines seriously. They have to.  No one wants grumpy customers annoyed about wait times and abandoning their purchase, because of a…
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Line Management and Social Fairness

Lines are a very big topic these days.  There are articles every holiday of record numbers of travelers and long lines anticipated through TSA checkpoints at airports. Meanwhile, someone is waiting every day at the DMV or a sports event.