Curbing Coronavirus with Line Queue Management

Curbing Coronavirus with Line Queue Management

QuikLine Helps Retailers Curb Coronavirus with Line Queue Management

Wear your mask. Stay six feet apart. All sales are final. No returns allowed.

These are just some of the rules retailers have established in the face of COVID-19. As helpful as these are for curbing coronavirus, they do little to manage the anxiety that comes during the final phase of every customer’s journey – the checkout line.

Completing the Retail Journey with No GPS

Coronavirus can cause confusion when navigating checkout for retailers and customers alike, from grocery and hardware stores to pharmacies and big box locations. The uncertainty that occurs in checkout creates even longer wait times, increases stress, and causes dissatisfaction among customers.

Right now, retailers are using a variety of methods to improve safety. These range from plexiglass shields at registers, line directional signs on the ground, and overhead intercom notices reminding shoppers to keep a safe distance. Still, customers are confused and frustrated when trying to make it past the finish line in their retail journey.

Reduce Frustrations at the Final Destination with Line Queue Management

Automated line queue management systems like CPS’ QuikLine help keep checkout lines organized. Using visual and audio call-forward queues, the technology swiftly encourages the next person in line to come to the next available register. It can easily reconfigure lines in real-time as registers open and close.

QuikLine is integrated into a point-of-sale register system or used directly with the push of a button. It works well with both single-line and multi-line configurations. The visual and audio queues are customizable to stay consistent with the retailer’s brand. Ticker-style messaging can be added to remind customers to wear masks and remain six feet apart. They can also promote the availability of products, special promotions, and more. With automated line management, the retail staff can remain focused on their jobs. Most importantly, customers know the store is doing everything possible to ensure the highest level of safety.

A Safe, Speedy Checkout Translates to Repeat Business

Automated line queues help retailers keep the checkout process more organized and efficient while also reducing wait times. These benefits are especially critical throughout a crisis like coronavirus. The reduction in stress – for both shoppers and employees – turns a chaotic shopping trip into an organized, functional and successful experience. Automated queues help customers stay safe and improves their confidence in the store’s health standards while shopping. Satisfied customers are likely to return more frequently and provide recommendations when retail locations diligently work to keep them out of harm’s way.

QuikLine not only makes checkout healthier and safer amidst coronavirus. And, it’s a year-round fixture in any savvy retailer’s strategy if they want to improve customer service and build repeat business.


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