Line Management: Going Beyond Wait Time

Line Management: Going Beyond Wait Time

CPS QuikLine

Long lines are an issue for both the consumer and business

None of us likes waiting in long lines whether we’re at the DMV, market, amusement park or sporting event. Long lines can bring bad publicity on the news or social media. And businesses loose profits when customers balk (don’t enter the line) or renege (leave the line) and don’t complete their purchases.

Do you know how effective line management benefits the consumer and business?

Every retailer and entertainment venue constantly evaluate how to improve the customer experience. Improved line (or queue) management provides an immediate and long-lasting impact.

That’s because effective line management technology offers more than just a shorter wait experience. It provides at least 4 significant benefits:

1. Wait time tools provide control

Long-standing studies indicate line management technology reduces average wait times by 10-35%. What happens when a store has lots of “less than 10 items” customers on any given day?  Store management, using automated line management tools, can quickly realign registers to better serve those customers. The number of “full service” registers can be better managed, too.

2. Shoppers can relax during the wait

Queue management quickly and accurately directs customers to an open location instead of them having to guess at which station will be available first. They can casually spend time on their phone or read a magazine instead of monitoring if they should switch lines. They’re already in the best line!

3. Customers appreciate the perception of fairness

Perceived wait time and the issue of fairness are two factors that impact customer perceptions about lines. Typically, consumers over estimate wait times. But a line queue system that automatically “calls forward” the line gives them the impression that the line isn’t actually that long. Customers like knowing what is going on so seeing the next available register is helpful, even if it isn’t their register! People also want fair treatment. An automated system provides the same, fair service to everyone in the line.

(See the Psychology Today blog Why Does Fairness Matter?)

4. Expanded impulse purchase opportunities await

CPS QuikLine

CPS QuikLine reduces the wait at checkout at Whole Foods Market 57th St NYC Store on Opening Day

A well laid-out line queue can position consumers for more impulse purchase opportunities. The business regulates how and where the waiting zones and items are located. And when customers are less stressed while waiting, they’re more likely to browse additional items. Businesses can also advertise and encourage more purchases through messaging on the line directing monitors.

Are you interested in finding out how effective line management can improve your customer satisfaction levels? Talk to us about CPS QuikLine,  an automated line management system with easy-to-use management tools and straightforward hardware components.


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