Using Design to Maximize Retail Store Experiences & Sales

Using Design to Maximize Retail Store Experiences & Sales

You’re probably like us — a reader. Blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, you name it — working to keep on top of technology and trends so CPS’ automated line management software and services meet today’s business objectives and maximize our client’s customer’s experience.  

Forget B-School, D-School is Hot!

One aspect of technology that doesn’t always get talked about is design — the “behind the scenes” aspect of a piece of hardware or application.  A recent Wall Street Journal article featured that intriguing headline!

The article goes on to talk about the “murky, problem-solving concept known as ‘design thinking’.”

Today, when folks mention design, they’re not necessarily focused on traditional design — or what we might think of as architectural or fashion design.

Much of design thinking is focused on observing people in order to evaluate processes.  That’s where Apple has been so successful in capturing “new” design thinking: who knew how much we’d appreciate an iPad? Apple’s designers do far more than draw; they consider an environment and suggest technology to satisfy generally unresolved (perhaps unknown) needs.

Automated Line Management

CPS’ QuikLine moves into this new design paradigm with line (or queue) management.  Designers evaluate the habits of shoppers waiting in line.  Retail store lines are difficult to avoid: we’ve all been there — the “wrong” line!  How can technology improve the shopping experience and, where possible, enhance the sales process as well?

Today’s competitive retail environment is pushing the envelope to enhance the last stage of the purchase process: the checkout line.  That’s where “new” design resides!

No one likes standing in line unnecessarily (so reducing “wait time” is a winner for both shopper and retailer!).  There are other components associated with improving the “last transaction” that designers pointed out after studying shoppers: decreasing the number of “walk-aways”, adding one or more “impulse buy” locations, and adding randomness to reduce register “no counts.”

CPS’ QuikLine automated queue management software meets additional business objectives in addition to maximizing the customer experience: use of over-the-counter hardware (monitor, controllers, sound), integration with third-party applications (think: cash registers so QuikLine recognizes when a cashier is free), multimedia reminders (monitor, voice, display lights) and the ability to display promotional video and messaging.

Design initiated the thinking, technology delivered the solution!


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